Rich Femling and I fished this morning

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    The action was insane until the sun got up in the sky.

    The first big hole we got to Rich tied on a black woolly bugger
    with green crystal flash size 8. Rich mostly had small stuff in his box.
    I got the fly out of mine. "Always" have lots of those. My favorite.

    Rich was using an old fiberglass 4 weight. He initially had 5x on
    and I talked him in to going up to 4x. The second cast in the hole he
    hooked in to a trout that he could not get off the bottom. It ran around in the hole for quite some time. Rich finally tried to muscle it to the surface so I could net it.....The leader/tippet knot failed.

    I will quote Rich:

    "That trout was a powerful as most steel head I catch!"

    I gave Rich another bugger and I casted in while he tied it on. I hooked up on about a 22-23 brown and it came to the surface and threw the hook.

    Rich casted his bugger in the hole again and had it hammered on the drop. I saw the trout do an alligator roll and the line came back bitten off. I got good look at it. Another male brown with alligator teeth bit through 4x like it was nothing.

    The hole was done.

    We landed about 10 each and then the sun shut us down.

    Rich is owner of Rose Creek Net Releases.
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    As always, postcard quality pictures and great stories.