Richland Center Husband and Wife Score!!!

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    This photo is from last year. My next door neighbors Dale and Paula Wilson scored 2 nice bucks within 10 minutes of each other last year.


    They have a really unique method of hunting. They have a small flat bottom boat and it is equipped with an electric trolling motor.

    They motor up or down the local river and scout prior to season.

    They both take off a full week of work. They time it to coincide with prime rut.

    The photo above was taken exactly one year ago today.

    Lots of people thought it was quite lucky both of them scoring a nice buck on the same hunt and within 10 minutes of each other. They could see each other from their stands.

    Many people dismissed this as luck. I have watched these 2 practice in their back yard and both are EXCELLENT with their bows.

    Check back on this thread soon because THIS year's bucks the 2 scored are bigger than last years. One was harvest 2 days ago in the morning and the other was shot yesterday morning.

    Their tree stands were 25 yards apart and Dale witnessed his beautiful wife score her biggest buck to date. It walked directly between the 2 stands.

    Luck has something to do with hunting but being prepared and scouting are more important. Paula and Dale are SKILLED bow hunters.