Rifles for deer in ALL of SE Wisconsin??

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  1. First off I want to say that I am NOT a basher of the Wisconsin DNR. For the most part, this large state run entity makes major decisions based on sound scientific data along with years of intrinsic experience, creating - arguably, the model for much of the rest of the nation to follow. The DNR will also often solicit the general public for input on policy. There is a recent policy decision however, that I, and many other landowners and sportsmen disagree with; and that is the newly expanded areas allowing long range high power rifles for hunting deer.

    In the name of giving the hunters "better tools" to reduce the deer herd - my home area (unit 76a) as well as most all of SE Wisconsin has been declared open to high power rifles for the 2008 Wisconsin gun seasons. Due much in part to the human population density, as well as the general openness and flat topography of the area - it has ALWAYS been restricted to muzzle loaders, pistols and shotguns. When I questioned this decision, the DNR claims that multiple public hearings were had, and they included discussions on this topic. This blindsided me and everyone else in the area - we had no clue!! The DNR also sites a recent Pennsylvania study that declared slugs are no safer than rifles, and while I have not reviewed the specifics of the study...the engineer in me says - "not likely".

    Now being the owner of many fine rifles... you would think that I would be in favor; after all, I could probably "cover" about any 150 or 200 acres of my farm from a high vantage point!!! - WRONG.

    For those that do not understand the gravity of this situation - a rifle bullet can travel for several miles! It goes without saying that when the 4 "golden rules" of gun safety are followed - problems are non-existent. However I have seen first hand how many will actually hunt in this area. I feel that with all the Public Hunting Lands around me and the general "brown is down" attitude, along with the prevalence of the 10 to 20 man deer drives, my house and buildings (never mind my vehicles & family) are at extreme risk of the consequences of this decision. The weapons used in this area (for the most part) have always been restricted to 1400 to 1950 fps (feet per second) and 385 grains +/-.... Now give hunters 3000 fps (or more) and 150 grains, along with the shotgun training/attitude (I bet they average 10 shots per harvested animal) to boot...this is the recipe for disaster.

    Reducing the deer herd involves shooting the does, we all know that. But, "Mr. Yahoo Weekend Hunter" is not likely going to shoot 300 yards at a doe. What he will be doing, is shooting across a 40 acre field at a "trophy buck". Most guys can't effectively shoot past 100 yards as they do not practice, nor do they have a fundamental understanding of ballistics and bullet trajectory... now give them a tool that they feel can reach 400+ yards - YIKES! My prediction: Incidences of wounded animals and trespassing by shooting across property line will sky rocket & multiple vehicles and buildings will be struck. Hopefully human (as well as farm animal and pet) tragedy is avoided.

    On a side note: In the past 25 years, I am intimately familiar with two incidences (in my neighborhood) of buildings being struck by slugs. My barn was hit in 1984 and a neighbor’s house was hit 2 or 3 years ago. We both border public hunting grounds.

    This decision needs to be reversed. Contact your Town or city officials, as well as your State Representatives and the DNR. Voice your opinion! These people can help make a difference.

    Mike Henneberry
    Watertown, WI
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  2. Sounds like you have a very good argument, good luck on getting that changed.

    I wonder how much things would change if the entire state was shotgun, muzzleloader, and pistol only. would anyone be iterested in seeing that change state wide?

  3. I see and fully respect your side of the issue. Well put, by the way.

    I live in West Bend (Washington County) and always wondered how this and my neighboring counties were void of the rifle status but knew it was based on populus.

    I wonder how the DNR and the public will respond if there's a significant rise this year in hunting accidents...especially in these areas.

    Let's hope not.

    Happy hunting.
  4. The PA Study is all computor simulation!

    Long Spur Hollow, you need to have at least 3 posts on these forums before you can post a link. Please don't take it personally, it is just a measure to keep the spam down.

  5. I not sure if this change is good or bad I guess we will have to wait and see. I have read a few articles stating that rifles are almost as safe as shotguns. Hunting accidents involving people are small by percentage, hope it stays that way. I would like to see scopes allowed on muzzleloaders during any season not just the nine day or early gun season. I hope everyone has a safe season and respects other peoples property and hunting style whatever that might be.:cool: