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  1. I got a new pants and parka set at Christmas. I didn't fully realize how fabulous they were at keeping you both warm and dry. Here is the letter I just e-mailed to the company:

    My name is Paul Chilson and I work as a cameraman for both Fishing 411 television as well as Jay's Outdoor Magazine. Because of some of the extreme conditions we constantly experience while filming hunting and fishing shows, I protect myself by wearing a River's West pants and parka suit as the outside layer on all my shoots. My expectations are clear - to wear clothing that would keep me both warm and dry in all weather conditions. I did not have a clue that on January 25, 2008 my River's West gear would be tested beyond these expectations.

    It was a cold morning with temperatures topping out at about 20 degrees. I was filming an ice fishing expedition for Fishing 411 with host Mark Romanack. Fishing was going good, and I had some good footage of monster bluegills coming through the holes we had augered in the ice. I decided to get a nice wide-angle shot of the guys fishing using some far away cattails as a video frame. As I approached the weedy edge, the ice gave way and I plunged waist deep into the freezing water. Instinctively I kept the camera above my head out of the water and began to roll towards the more solid ice. I was only in the water for about 5 -10 seconds before I was standing again on safe ice.

    The first thought through my mind was "I'm alive!" My second thought was unbelievable: I was still completely dry! My River's West pants extended past my rubber boots and although I was not wearing waders, no water came through at all! I had just been dipped in freezing cold water and came out 100% dry! I was able to finish filming the rest of the day and continued to stay both warm and dry in your fabulous clothing. Thank you for your top-notch outdoor clothing. You definitely have a believer here!
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    Always good to give companies feedback good or bad.