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  1. has it a mountain lion was hit by a car between Eagle River/Woodruff. The cat was still alive and had to be put down by Fish & Game.

    Is this true or just another internet hoax?

    I saw one in 1996 in the National forest over by Cable Wi. in 1996. It was walking down Club Lake Road at 2 in the afternoon on a bright sunny day as I came over a rise in the road. (I was scouting beaver ponds for duck hunting.) At first I thought it was a wolf as it was walking away from me. As soon as it was aware of my approaching truck it turned broadside and walked casually into the forest. Once it was broadside it was obviously a cougar. It was big, bigger than any 60-70 lb dog, with long brown sloping curved tail. I was obviously a big cat. It was no wolf. The cat was about 75-100 yards in from of the truck. There were also reported sightings by the locals up there at that time too.
  2. I live and work in the Eagle River area. I have not heard anything about this but that doesn't mean it didn't happen. If I hear more or see something in the paper I'll be sure to post it.