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Rut Activity..

Discussion in 'Wisconsin Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by BowHuntingFool, Oct 29, 2007.

  1. Anyone been seeing any rut activity yet?? I had a 8 point chasing a Doe around my stand 2 nights ago, he came right in to the can/grunt calling I was doing!
  2. although it is pretty region specific, from those I have talked with it seems pretty slow. In areas that have traditionally seen a lot of activity haven't seen much at all. Maybe a week later than normal?

    Look forward to hearing all of the other's posts about activity.

  3. I went out again for the morning hunt and had an 8 point beating up a 4 point pretty good over a Doe. The 4 point was gasping for air and was running for his life! The 8 never offered a shot!
  4. picking up in west central wisconsin, iim going up the 8th 9th 10th 11th, and the forcast says his in the low 30s lows in the teens. dats sum good ruttn weather
  5. i went out this last weekend and saw a few small bucks walk by my stand. The big boys should be coming out during the day in the next week or so. Cant wait!!
  6. Just talked to a friend and his land by Montello was crazy tonight. A basket rack, an 8 that was gruntin' hot on a doe, and a 12 point offering no shot as well as some does cruisin' through. Can't wait for the weekend.
  7. I was out last thursday night and had a big 10 pt trailing a doe and grunting, he was still pretty wary and didn't come out in the open for a shot but definetely starting to get careless. Think maybe this harvest moon is getting things going. Not seeing much for scrapes and runs though
  8. I sat last night and observed a few smaller bucks sparring in the distance. I also noticed that a number of fawns were off on their own. Look for things to pick up soon. My guess is Nov. 6.
  9. Looks like it should be an excellent day to sit it out tomorrow, it is going to be cold and the winds are dying down! Should be good! Good luck everyone!

    Keep the reports coming in!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. I heard the otherday that they are starting to run all over the place. So it sounds like a good time to be out there hunting.
  11. I just got into the cabin and the boys are out chasin the girls. My first sighting of it was today. Forest county.
  12. do you guys predict they will still be in the rut this weekend?
  13. The Michigan opener is this Thursday. Hopefully they're still chasing then.
  14. it was 65 degrees today in Indiana! you guys having similar weather up there?
  15. not sure on the exact temp but it was warmer than normal. Very nice day for sure. To bad I had to spend it indoors. :(