Safe Kids Harness Initiative

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  1. Safe Kids Harness Initiative (SKHI)

    Hey guys and gals,

    Just wanted to give each and every one of you a heads up on a project that I am very excited to announce! SKHI Ltd is officially off the ground after months of work. SKHI is a non-profit aimed at providing formal and informal research/data, education, public safety awareness, and product related to tree stand safety. We have partnered with the Wisconsin DNR and multiple safety harness manufacturers to bring a very important message to our new hunter education graduates~ Anyone can fall and everyone needs to be safe in the tree stand!

    SKHI is embarking on local and regional education efforts to promote the safest approach to hunting from elevated platforms. Under the model of the NBEF (National Bowhunters Education Foundation) and IHEA (International Hunters Education Association), we are promoting harness and safe line utilization. We are aiding and participating in research related to tree stand falls with all of Wisconsin's Level 1 Trauma Center Hospitals, and we are promoting scholarship opportunities and safety harnesses through special promotions offered from manufacturers and donors.

    Take a bit of time to look at SKHI at our web page:

    You can also find us on Facebook:

    Stop in… share your thoughts, and look for some up coming surveys to participate in. Also, if you have stories related to falls, regardless of brand, share them!