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  1. My Dad is retired and he recently bought an RV. We haven't done a whole lot of father son excursions and I'm trying to plan a Salmon fishing trip for the two of us. Thus far I have had very little luck in finding a good salmon fishing spot with RV facilities. Also, I don't have a whole lot of experience in salmon fishing generally so any advice on gear or time of year etc would really be appreciated.

    Thank you in advance. This will make mine and my Dad's year if we get this done.

    Also, I am running a spearfishing charter business and we're opening up a new location in Puerto Rico in late May. If anybody takes the time to help me out I would gladly show you around my neck of the woods in PR!

    Thanks again!

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  2. With no experience and no equipment you will want to take a charter and there are many in Milwaukee that are good. I would be happy to give you the name of a couple just say the word.

  3. Capt. Jason Woda - Reel Sensation Charters is really good.

    I have a friend who charters as well but am waiting to find out if he is going to do it this year.