Service Litho-Print pursues creativity and sustainability

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    OSHKOSH -- Service Litho-Print -- an Oshkosh printer, graphics and creative packaging company -- has joined forces with the state of Wisconsin to reduce its carbon footprint and develop sustainable, earth-friendly business practices.

    Service Litho-Print associates from each department received a Green Tier plaque from DNR secretary's director Jean Romback-Bartels. From left, Mitch Dolley, Tom Borisch, Jean Romback-Bartels, Dave Panzenhagen, Linda Fellbaum and Traci Wojnowski
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    During a ceremony today at the company's facility at 50 W. Fernau Avenue officials with the state Department of Natural Resources welcomed Service Litho-Print's management and work-force of 43 associates into the DNR's innovative Green Tier program, which recognizes and rewards superior environmental performance that voluntarily exceeds legal requirements.

    DNR Secretary's Director Jean Romback-Bartels, after congratulating the company on its impeccable safety record, cited some energy and resource-saving actions at Service Litho-Print, including annual air-leak audits, energy efficient lighting, a strong commitment to recycling and the use of local suppliers. She congratulated the company on pursuing an internationally certified environmental management system. Then she challenged the work force to do more.

    "You are a very creative company. This is an opportunity for you to look at all aspects of your business and identify ways to be more efficient, more environmentally friendly. You are the ones who are here day in and day out. You know the systems. If you have an idea, speak up. You are doing great things, and now I look forward with you to the next great thing," Romback-Bartels said.

    Dan Clark, chief operating officer at Service Litho, said the company was formed in Oshkosh in 1931, but the philosophy that drives the current work force was put in place in 1985 when Steve Elbing, currently the chief executive officer, became part-owner.

    "He wanted to make this a place where everyone enjoys coming to work and that we can all be proud of," Clark said.

    Dan Clark, Service Litho-Print chief operating officer
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    It is clearly working, he said, as the company's record for associate longevity is as good as its safety record. Clark cited two associates who have been with Service Litho-Print for 35 years.

    Clark said the company's commitment to sustainability extends beyond the walls of the manufacturing facility to include customers, suppliers and other business associations. Service Litho-Print also participates in the NatureWise program at Wisconsin Public Service, purchasing energy that comes from cleaner, safer, locally sourced wind power and biogas generation.

    "Sustainability is not something we do," Clark said. "It's something we are."

    The associates at Service Litho-Print beleive that by continuously finding ways to increase efficiency and reduce their carbon footprint, they allow the benefits to flow to their customers in reduced costs, product innovations and faster turnaround times.

    Katie Monson, environmental health and safety and quality manager
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    "Sustainability is a continual effort to achieve the substantial goals of leaving no carbon footprint and sending zero production waste to the landfill," said Katie Monson, environmental, health, safety and quality manager for Service Litho-Print.

    In 2014, 86 percent of production waste was recycled.

    Among those attending the event was State Sen. Rick Gudex, R-Fond du Lac, who spoke briefly to the 50 visitors and associates. He said that with the DNR's Green Tier program, it was possible to add manufacturing jobs in Wisconsin and do it with a smaller carbon footprint.

    "I think Service Litho-Print is giving us a fine example and providing great inspiration to others in the area to achieve status such as this," Gudex said. "I'm very proud to have you in my district."

    For more information, search the DNR website,, for "Green Tier."

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