Should Crossbows be opened up to all during the regular archery season?

Discussion in 'Frontpage Polls' started by Steve, Jul 20, 2008.

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    Let's take a poll.
  2. I believe that the bow season should not be opened to crossbows for everyone. I think that there should be a commitment of time and energy to learning about archery equipment when you bowhunt. I believe that too many people believe that a crossbow is like a rifle and you don't really have to practice to use it. Those that do hunt with a crossbow know that this is not true, a crossbow probably has more limitations than a good compound. But the perception is still out there that a crossbow is like a rifle. There are plenty of "cowboys" out there during rifle season, I don't want to see them during archery season!
    Buy the way...I have no problem with people with disabilities using them, and I don't see any problem with wisconsin's law that allows seniors to use them. I have a disability that qualified me for a permit to use a crossbow. That was quite a few years ago now, and I was very happy to be able turn my permit in. I have been bowhunting for over 40 years now, so I may be "old fashioned", and if that's true then so be it!!
    Just my 2 cents worth!

  3. You kind of counterdicted yourself bowman. (You said people need to have a commitment of time and energy learning about archery equipment. Then you say most think shooting a xbow is like shooting a rifle and dont need to practice and that those that do use them know this isnt true)..So you DO have to have a commitment and spend time and energy learning the proper techniques to successfully shoot a xbow.You still need to sight it in like you do any weapon.You also need to learn how it works in a tree stand application.You stil need to learn how to get in and out of the woods without being busted,and all the other factors that go along with hunting. You only get 1 shot with a xbow,where as a bow you could take more than one.Your odds are better with a bow for a 2nd shot than they are for a xbow.I say whatever it takes to get more people involved in the sport the better..I do not shoot a xbow and wouldnt change if they passed it.I like shooting my bow..That doesnt mean others shouldnt have the option.
  4. Sorry Folks---Not providing any opinion---got beat up last time for offering my years of experience, and thoughts by the Liberal Not Our Opinion So Your Wrong Police !!!
  5. Contrary to warning from volunteers in Indiana, the world did not end last fall when they became legal all season long down here. Does anyone else see the parallels between this debate and the debate over the sporting suitability of MRS's?