Show us your cabin (or your buddies)

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    Here is a very humble abode in the Western U.P. Its my buddies and was built in the early 50's by a group of men that worked in a shop together. The original guys are all gone, and its now owned by two of the original builders sons. Its udergone several fixes and upgrades and a small addition.
    Still no running water and heat is mostly by a large wood cook stove.
    My buddy and I hang out for a few days in early October, and he and his family use it for firearms deer season.
    The other owner goes up for a week of bow hunting, late October.
    Its on 40 acres of mostly spruce trees, and the neighborhood is being aggresively cut for wood products (good for hunting). For some reason my buddy is dead against having any trees cut (save for firewood) for any reason. (he really dont understand or does not want to understand forest regeneration-his Dad didnt like cutting trees so he dont like it)
    The downside is this location is a nearly a 6 hr drive one way, and makes it hard to just go up for a short....
  2. nice place

    oh man i see myself sleeping in there and a mouse running across my face in the middle of the nite,, yooper holiday inn.. perfect cabin

  3. Because his wife ALWAYS makes the trip, the place is sealed up tight and decon and traps always left after they leave. Seldom is a mouse found.
    Now ticks are another matter...
  4. Dang...that would keep my wife away from it ;)