Slick Trick Broadhead Review

Discussion in 'Archery Tech' started by Steve, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. Steve

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  2. I use them and love them!! No better broadhead out there.

  3. Steve

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    I'm definitely sold on the product.
  4. Love the Rage

    I am sure the broadheads are nice but I am absoulutly sold on the rage 2 blade heads. I have never shot a broadhead that performs better. Just my two cents.

  5. younggun

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    I have searched for a long time for a head that could be used for deer and other game. After seeing Slick Tricks in action on pigs, sheep and buffalo. I can tell you that these are the heads to have. I my self, have shot these heads, and they fly stright and true with a tuned bow. I am one that does not fallow the crowds. I have shot through 3/4 inch ply and not have the blades brake. I have seen these heads go through the shoulder of a pig and lodge in the shoulder on the other side. We had to cut the head out of the bone, sharpen and be used the same day on a buffalo.

    I shoot 4 days a week and shoot around 60,000 arrows a year. I have seen equipment come apart and others hold up to the rigers of the sport. Slick Tricks are ones that hold up. Have fun and be safe.
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  6. kurtish

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    My brother in law has been shooting them the last few years and has been really happy with them. I prefer the montec's just for the sole fact that they are one piece and resharpenable. Thanks for the review steve...if i decide to switch i'll give em' a shot
  7. I have been using the ATOM the past two seasons and have found them to really perform well.
  8. tow2atm

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    I've had good luck with this broadhead! No complaints here.
  9. Steve

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    They get the job done!
  10. I'm a fan of the Tricks also. My son uses the 2 blade Rage and has great kill's with them. Me though I believe in the KISS method (Keep It Simple Stupid) and after being a Industrial Maintenace Mechanic for 20 years fixing mechanical things I know they will fail sometime and I don't want it to be on a PY buck that I have been trying to get a shot at all season. So it's fixed heads for me. I shot Rockies for years but tried the Tricks and never looked back.

  11. Kiss

    i agree KISS ! i only shoot fixed, ive heard too many horror stories about expandables not opening up upon impact to give that good blood trail. take the problem out of the equation and you dont have any probs. you might shoot a few less fps but piece of mind is worth more in my book.
  12. Been awhile since I seen a muzzy, but they kinda look like them from what I recall.

    I have been using spitfires for the last 5 years without a failure yet. With all the good reports was planning on trying out the rage this coming year. Now I may just have to check out a few of these slick tricks.

    How well do they hold up after the shot on a pass through? Any problems with bone?

  13. I have not hit the shoulder bone with one but they are very sturdy and ribs are not a issue at all. It's a tuff call my son loves the Rage and I the tricks. I think it just boils down to if you trust the Rages to open each and every time.
  14. CTHunt

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    I have been using slicktricks for 4 years now they are one of the best broadheads on the market ,i shot deer and replace the blades and shoot another. They fly like darts what else can i say except i have yet to try the grizztricks or so called supersize.:biggrin:
  15. Steve

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    Yeap, it's going to be hard to sell me on anything but the Slick Tricks.