SLICK TRICK Broadheads

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  1. Just starting shooting these things this year and have been very impressed. They put my muzzys to shame and extended my kill range out to 40 yds. I haven't put one in a deer yet, any comments on penetration? I can't imagine much of a difference between other fixed blade heads
  2. I just put some on yesterday. I'll run the thru something here before to long and report back:D

  3. These are great heads! I am glad they improved the sharpness on them. before, they were dull when you bought them. They switched suppliers and are now sharp as ever. i have never heard anything bad about them
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    I just got some. I'll be field testing them next week. ;)
  5. The ones I got were sharp. Crazy sharp. I shredded my hands putting them together and had no idea I was even cut!:eek:
  6. Definitely sharper than any heads I've used so far. The best is that I can touch them up too using my Gatco sharpener wheras with the muzzy heads I can't do it becasue the blade isn't flat. Going hunting tonight we'll see if I can give a field report on perormance...
  7. I have been using the ST's for a few years now! They do serious damage and leave excellent blood trails!!! I highly recommend them to everyone!
  8. Exit wound! Made mince meat out of the opposite shoulder!

  9. Slicks

    I have used Slicks in the past and am very impressed with them. Had a hard time getting ahold of them awhile back. That was due to the switch in companies for the blades. So I went to the G5 Stryker, but going to go back to the Slicks for next year.
  10. lol. cool pic

    im shooting the rage 2 blades at 100 grains,,, sum pretty serious meat choppin goin on from my bow,, gotta check out the st tho.. ya cant get them around here,

  11. Go to and you'll have them in about 4 days! Top notch!
  12. Scheels in Appleton had the Slick Magnums on sale not to long ago. Had a whole pile of them hanging there.