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  1. I recently started hunting on a somewhat small family property in Central Wisconsin. We have about 80 acres total and the front 10 just off the county road is taken up by the house and a few outbuildings. Right behind that we have leased about 40 acres which the farmer alternates between soy beans and corn. Just behind the crop field is about 30 acres of timber and swamp with a small pond. On all 3 sides of us there are some larger properties with significantly larger wooded areas and crop fields. There is a lot of sign (trails, rubs) throughout our property however I'm pretty sure its just deer traveling through ours to these other properties.

    I'm used to hunting a large farm in NE Iowa and I'm looking for any tips on how I should hunt this area? Any advice you have would be appreciated.
  2. Hunt less

    I am on an even smaller parcel in Waukesha County, and all I can say is don't over hunt it. I hunt a few days of the rut and then the opening of gun season. Again on Thanksgiving, it creates a little area without a lot of pressure.

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    Yeap, hunt the routes in and out of it.
  4. I would hunt somewhere u can see the most of the space between the corn feild and the timber. If there is still standing corn there then, it will be a sweet spot.