Snow Hunt

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  1. Went back to the "should have carried" spot this a.m., this time with my 28 ga s/s. Had one wild flush just as we started down the trail. About 90 yds later we got a point and I got lucky and hit the bird.I have no idea how to put pics in the thread so a put 2 in the upland pic sect.Getting off the trail into the snow was really fun and Dutchess got some dings on her front legs from the crusty snow but it was still a good time.
  2. Look under your picture and you should see this[img]

    Just left click on it to highlite it and then right click and then copy and then just paste it in your post where you want it to show.


  3. DANG she looks like her mother!!

    Great job sounds like fun!!!
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    Nice picture. That dog is ready to go.