So, when do the Lions and Packers play??

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by Waterfoul, Oct 28, 2007.

  1. Waterfoul

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    Lions are off to a decent start... Packers are good as usual. Any "guesses" as to the outcome when they play each other??

  2. They play on Thanksgiving and on Dec. 30th. My guess is the Pack is going to kill the least I hope so!

  3. Those games scare me a little bit....especially the one at Ford. I'll be at the one here.

    If they don't get a running game going pretty soon, they won't go too far.

    I think both games will be rather boring and not much for scoring. Just my take.
  4. Listen, I aint much of a football fan anymore, Detroit hasnt had anyone worth watching for so long I cant remember who the last "Star" was.
    The Pack is going to kill the lions, and thats fine by me.
  5. Steve

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    I think the Lions will loose both games to the Pack.
  6. How the Pack does tonight against Denver will give us a better idea if their for real. I'm betting that the Lions will take the Thanksgiving Day game at Ford Field. I'd be amazed if the Pack lost at Lambeau in December in what will possibly (probably) be the last game of Farve's career.

    SLAYER Guest

    Farve is da man!!! Pack wins both games :p
  8. spinner

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    november 22nd and december 30th...

    Go PACK!
  9. its hard enough being a lions fan, let alone living in this state:)
  10. SLAYER

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    Who else besides me stayed up to see Farve throw the 83 yrs touchdown pass in overtime to win the game ? Like i said in my earlier post Farve is da MAN !!! :D
  11. Yeah...I went from pi$$ed to elated in the 3 minutes it took to get OT going. What a pass.

    They got lucky at the end of regulation, though. Too close.

    A win is a win....
  12. Thats what all of them lions fans have been saying all year!:p
  13. Both Denver & the Pack looked pretty sloppy last night, 20+ penalties! Bigby should be taken out back and shot, talk about some stupid penalties. I think Denver is going to have a hard time containing Kevin Jones on Sunday. That game could have easily gone either way, it looked like both teams were trying their best to lose it. As a Lions fan I did take great satisfaction in watching Favre burn Dre' Bly for 82 yards to win the game, though.
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    The perfect Thanksgiving day = deer hunting AM and PM, huge meal with family, and a Packer victory in Detroit.
  15. Given how the Packers looked against Denver (lucky win) and how Detroit looked against Denver (Blow out)and the fact that the Lions are 4-0 at home this year, I'm leaning towards a Detroit win on Turkey Day.