Soggy Deep Fry - Need Help

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  1. I have done a lot of searching and a lot of experimenting and I continue to get soggy deep fried fish. The batter is drakes + beer. If I just fry a little of the batter it is crunchy, but on the fish it is soggy. Everything I read suggests too much moisture on the fish. I pat the fillets dry and dust with flour, but I am still getting soggy results. Oil is peanut @375.

    Any tips? Thanks.
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    Hmm maybe @spinner has some suggestions. Was the fish frozen to start?

  4. From what you say< I believe your oil is not hot enough, Heat up oil until a drop of water cracks and tries to jiump outta pan, turn down to about 4 on dial of 1 to 10 then immediately lay fish in not quite touching this should do it H H
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