some grouse left

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    Went for a walk today on our trail and found a few grouse left. Had two flushes off points and found quite a few tracks made since yesterdays walk.
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  2. I was out Coyote hunting last weekend and jumped quite a few also. I think the deep snow we had before the thaw got them through the extream cold we had in January. Providing we don't have a overly wet spring and lose a bunch of nest's it should be another banner year for them.

  3. Grouse

    I saw 4 birds yesterday while shed hunting, all birds were along gravel roads picking grit.:bouncy:
  4. flushed a grouse yesterday , by the lake , sitting under a pine tree in the sun.
  5. hungry

    I had two walk under my bird feeder the other day, on the way through, although you could tell they were REAL nervous, they grabbed as much sunflower seed as they could...LOL

    I'm hoping for a nice warm dry spring, and good hatches. Last year was pretty darned good, let's have another one like that!
  6. been a few weeks of having some grouse around the home , actually 2 grouse everyday , was able to video ,

    had another adventure through the woods on the snowmobile trail , flushed 4 grouse ,

    looks like a good season
  7. I was out turkey scouting yesterday and spotted a grouse all fanned out and puffed up. there was another one directly above him in a tree about 4' off the ground.
  8. Folks,

    Remember there are no grouse in Wisconsin :tsk:

    they all went to Minnesota:lol:

    Any drumming you hear is echos from across the river...:cool:
  9. Are you trying to tell me those birds I've been flushing in the last 2-3 weeks were actually just big woodcock?:dizzy: I guess it's time to go in for an eye exam.:tdo12:

  10. No they were just migrating or visting from a neighboring state and will return for hunting season. So anyone looking for a grouse trip don't count on Wisconsin....:mischeif:

    How did I do that time?:cool:
  11. GREAT!Now just keep convincing everyone grouse leave the state for hunting season and we should have the woods pretty much to ourselves.:bowdown:I just hope you will not be responsible for Wi grouse hunters having to buy a migratory bird stamp because someone from the DNR :piparty: read your post and will push to list grouse as migratory.
  12. Funny you should mention that. If you look at the results of the spring hearings. They are looking to do away with the different stamps and go to a upland stamp. So grouse hunters would have to buy a stamp if the DNR approves this. It did pass in the voting so you can look for it! :coco: :16suspect1:

  13. Then they should start to give refunds if a guy doesn't get a deer or bear etc.. Only seams far to me.

    Why even have a small game license anymore?