Some of my stone heads

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  1. I started making stone heads about 2 1/2 years ago here are some I made
    The first photo is the first ones I made and it looks it, they are pitifull looking
    the next is a mixture of every thing



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  2. Stone Heads

    Nice looking stone heads. Have you ever met Norm Blaker? He is very good.:bowdown::bowdown:

  3. Yes I have, I have his movie about making stone heads, Will never be 1/100th as good as him
    Norm also makes a lot of thing's, a muzzle loading gun, knives etc, all look like they were made 200 years ago, he is very skilled in a lot of things.
    A fine person
  4. Steve

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    Ok, how in the world do you make those?
  5. Buck

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    I have wanted to try that,but I can be all thumbs when it gets to that fine long does an arrow head take to make?have you made any knives?