Soooo Close, Big Boy Almost Made a Mistake

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  1. Went out Bow hunting for the last time before our Gun season, I leave on Wednesday for Bayfield County, WI for Gun Season. Arrived at my land about Noon time yesterday, checked the cams on the walk in. No big bucks on cam this week. Dropped my son off at a new stand that no one has hunted yet between the food plots. Should be a good stand for the hunt. I continue to check cams to where I am going to hunt. I have the deer decoy hidden behind the stand I will be hunting on the edge of a food plot, decide not to use decoy as last week it spooked several does off the plot when they saw it, I did put some Golden Estrous scent out. Get settled in stand and about 2:00 pm I see a large deer go running across the neighbor's field about 300 yards away, I think to myself this is going to be a good hunt. About 3:00 pm I have a Nub buck enter the plot from my right about 50 yards away. He feeds right under my stand and then walks right under stand on my entry trail and proceeds to smell the spot where I had relieved myself earlier. He then goes to the hidden decoy and starts licking it. I am almost falling out of my stand laughing at this Nubber. He continues browsing and walks out of site. Had a few snow showers and about 4:00 pm I look across the food plot I am sitting on and across a grassy marsh area into my soybean field there stands this huge Buck about 300 yards away. I think dang should of hunted that plot. Lots of things start going thru my mind, I finally tell myself try calling the buck over to you. I get the grunt tube out and give a couple of grunts and the buck comes running on a straight line towards me. He gets into the grassy marsh area and I loose sight of him. I grunt some more and nothing. I keep telling myself to be patient. 15 minutes go by and nothing, it is getting closer to closing time so I decide to get more aggressive calling with the grunt, all of a sudden he comes charging out of the tall grassy marsh towards me like a raging bull looking for the intruding buck that was grunting [me]. I put the grunt tube away and grab the Bow. He stops at a hundred yards and looks the whole food plot over for a deer, he then starts running all over the plot looking for the other buck that isn't there, he races by my stand location at 25 yards at high speed and then stops broad side at 50 yards, just outside my bow range then continues to about a hundred yards and stops again I try grunting to no avail and I watch him run off. With all this grunting and commotion another small buck had entered the plot and he also followed the Big Boy. A couple minutes later 2 more deer came into the plot but it was dark by this time. What a night. My son saw 10 deer on his stand but no shooters. After all this happened I thought to myself I should of put the decoy out he would of probably come right to the decoy.This is a picture of the Big Boy that I got last week that almost made a mistake. Sorry for the long post. Thanks for reading.

  2. Great Story

    Tom- Great story. Thanks for sharing. That had to be very exciting night for you. I have been out the last couple of days but haven't seen much. I was beginning to think the rut was over. Sounds like it is still going strong. Heading out this afternoon, hopefully something good will happen. Good Luck during gun season.


  3. Good luck, Tom!

    Be sure to post photos, no matter what! Love seeing your photos!