Squirrel Problem

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    I have 5 walnut trees within 30 yards of my house.
    Every tree in my yard and all my neighbors yards
    have squirrel nests. At least FIVE nests a tree.

    I guess the squirrel population has boomed and
    they need to expand their housing. I have a couple
    that have chewed holes in my eaves and have taken
    up residence in my house.

    I fixed the holes with chicken wire and even tried to spray
    a squirrel repelant concoction I got off the internet. It
    did not work.

    I did a little research and there is a guy in Richland Center
    called Terry Sime that does pest removal. I thought the name
    was familiar. I called him and low and behold he is a Gays Mills

    Terry lent me one of his live traps and it is already in place on the roof.

    If I catch any I will drive them way out in the country and let them go.
    There are lots of squirrels in the area. I will update this squirrel fiasco
    daily for a week on my blog.

  2. Why would you feed them if they are a problem? My five year old grand son would thin them out with his BB gun. He keeps the squirels on the run here in my part of the state. That kid is a deadly shot. I rigged up a pump air rifle for him and started him out young. Maybe you can find a kid and teach him how to control the pesky critters.:smile::wink:

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    2nd one caught

    Squirrels are one of the leading causes of house fires due them constantly chewing on things. Electrical wires are one of their favorite things to chew on.
    Client number 2 to the Squirrel Relocation Project