Squirrel/Rabbit Hunting?

Discussion in 'General Wisconsin Hunting' started by StolenCamaro, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. Anyone else here into it?

    I love squirrel hunting, and with it starting in just over a month... I'm getting excited. What do you guys use? Where do you hunt?

    I hunt the Vernon Marsh, usually during the last hour before sunset. I use a single shot, break action 20ga with #4 shot. I have a 12ga Ted Williams pump, too, but I just don't like the feel of it. One shot is usually enough for me.
  2. I like using a .22 for squirrel. Can't wait for it to start up.

  3. I have a 20ga s\s that I absolutely love, for all small game. I just haven't found any good areas that support squirrels and rabbits.
    I have found many grouse and a few timber doodles.
  4. I use a .22 for squirels or my pump up bb gun. A real challenge, but lots of fun.:smile:
  5. I use my bolt action .410 with 7 1/2 shot 3" magnums. Especially if the leaves are still on. I am pumped this year because my boy is 4 and he is going to go a couple times on nice sunny days and hopefully we can bag a couple tree rats!! I usually just set on an oak ridge and wait them out.
  6. my savage .22 kill em every time!.
  7. yes

    not knocking anyone here, but i enjoy using an air rifle for a few reasons. challange, quieter, head shots, and it can be used where .22's and larger can not. trying to find areas in kenosha now.
  8. places to hunt squirrels

    Do any of the public land hunting areas in Wisconsin have good squirrel hunting?

  9. I don't know where you're located but I haven't found any around me. Seems like most people are willing to let people squirrel hunt their woods assuming no one bow hunts it.

    Most private lands are crawling with them.
  10. I want to get in to rabbit hunting (squirrel too, but I want to eat rabbit!). I'm very much a rookie with any hunting. Went deer hunting once many years ago, though I have an opportunity to go again this year and plan to do so.

    For rabbit/squirrel I have a .22 and really like the idea of the challenge with that. I am in the Milwaukee area and have no idea where I would hunt. looking for suggestions/pointers.

    I have a beagle pup, too, that is a natural already. Once I get some experience under my belt, I plan to hunt with the dog, but since I'm such a rookie, I want to experience it before I have too much going on at once.