Still Hanging On

Discussion in 'Deer Cam Pictures' started by Feed Man, Jan 30, 2008.

  1. That second buck is a hog. Nice pics.

  2. Steve

    Steve Staff Member

    Wow, the bucks in my area lost their antlers by mid December. Makes me wonder what triggers the loss of antlers.
  3. nice looking pics! You gonna go shed hunting when they fall?
  4. Steve

    Steve Staff Member

    Do you have a shed trap in place?
  5. Feed Man

    Feed Man Guest

    No Steve. I do not. I often think about it but I really do like going out and looking for them. It's a passion for me. Although having them laying there in the morning by my feeder doesn't really bother me too much either.
    I do cheat a little bit though. I'll throw some mix under the feeder every night but so far it has not produced anything yet.
    This is the set I got Saturday afternoon. I looked for a couple of days for this guys. I was not able to find him last year but do have a set from two years ago from him.
  6. Steve

    Steve Staff Member

    Any hints on how to find them and where?
  7. nimrod1

    nimrod1 Guest

    Awesome bucks Feed Man, even awesomer find!
  8. Great pics Feedman! I like that first buck with the split g2's.