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  1. My brother and I took a chance and applied separately for this falls bear hunt. He had 7 points and I had 10, he got A and I got B. My cabin is off 8 and 51 a couple miles, so we wanted to work both zones with baits. He has a son due in August, so I hope it isn't me running up alone each weekend to do this, we wanted to do this together. He killed a nice boar in A, 2001, and I have killed 3, so this may end up the end of the bear hunting for us, but I need one with the bow yet. After this I save points for my grandson, he is 6 so it should work out for him as a teen hunter.
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  2. Good luck with your hunt! 7 and 10 years seemed to be the magic numbers for the Zones you guys have.

  3. Being in that spot puts you in good shape for both zones. I run the hounds in both zones a few miles to the west and north of you. Well if you call 20-30 a few. WD does the same a few miles SW of you.

    You get in a pinch either of us could help you out. I have baits for sitters to the north. Just hounds to the west right now. Not sure if WD has that available or not.

    I have heard that bait will be available again this year in Tomahwak. So it will be close by for you.

    Good luck in your pursuits, and if you need anything don't hesitate to ask.

  4. We don't have anything for bait sitters set up, but if he want's help with hounds in B we can help to try and fill the tag.
  5. Thanks for the offer, we have 16 barrels of bait, some a mix with bread sticks and candy, some a mix of corn and candy. We started to put it aside 2 years ago, the stuff stays good for years, and we will get some vegtable oil to add to the bottom of the bait pile when we start baiting.
  6. I had a couple barrels of crazens a couple years back. Smelled and taste so good I bout wanted to go back and eat myself a few times.
    Good luck