TGIF Outtfitters - RIP OFF!

Discussion in 'Wisconsin Waterfowl Hunting' started by jmb410, Mar 12, 2011.

  1. ALL - Beware of this guide service. I purchased a duck hunt via ebay in April 2009. I contacted TGIF in August 2009 about a hunt date and was told all dates were booked and to plan something in 2010. We selected a date in late October 2010. In July 2010, got an email stating TGIF was "shut down" due to the economy. I requested a refund and was told I would be put on a list of those that were to be paid with the intent to refund before the end of the year. I saw nothing from TGIF in 2010. Finally this month I contacted owner Bob Bott via email and was told he is still having money and family problems that prohibit him from paying refund. However, it appears from his website TGIF is back up and running as a fishing-only guide and is "booked for April, May and June."

    Does anyone know if anyone at WDNR handles complaints about issues with guides like this?
  2. I too got ripped off by TGIF. I paid for a fishing guide service in 2009. Received same notice that hard times were upon them. A response from Bob in 2011 indicated no change in situation. Sent another email in Feb 2012 with no response. Today my email was returned because address is unknown. The web site is also down.

    Anyone thinking of doing business with Bob Bott, regardless of the company name should be very carefull. He does not deliver services or provide refunds.