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  1. Thank you for a Wisconsin based web forum.

    It will be great to communicate with folks from the great state !!!!


  2. I also wanted to say THANKS!! This site will be a great tool for me.

  3. I agree this site is way over due! Thanks! I visit the Michigan site as well. I own property in NLP!
  4. Should be a lot of traffic here in short period of time !!!!
  5. jaymac

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    A big thanks to Steve! I believe he's the one that operates the Michigan based one as well. But I know for a fact, he operates the best in Indiana:
  6. Steve

    Steve Staff Member

    You are welcome Griff, now bring some of your friends!
  7. great site I will enjoy, I'm sure
  8. Thanks for the Wisconsin site Steve, I have been a member of the Michigan site for some time and really enjoy it.
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