The best rubber boots for habitat work!

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  1. I know that this is the habitat thread, and this is a non habitat post, but I spend more time in rubber boots work on deer habitat than I do in regular shoes!
    When it comes to rubber boots, there are some fine choices out there! I have bought dozens yes dozens of pairs of boots!
    Muck boots and LaCrosse always used to be my favorite! The only thing about those boots were that Muck boots were too heavy and Lacrosse boots would always wear out too fast. Yes I wore them out.
    I recently found the best boots money can buy IMHO.
    Quatro boots by Skellerup in New Zealand are the ticket!
    There is so many features to this boot its unbelievable!

    As light weight as LaCrosse Alpha Burly Sport

    As tough or tougher than Muck Boots

    More comfortable than any other boot! Due to fleece lining and sport running shoe insert with great arch support!

    Neoprene heel backing! this is huge! I wore through the fleece on every single LaCrosse boot I owned!

    Non stick mud treads that I feel actually work! The mud doesn’t seem to stick to the bottom of these boots as bad as Muck Boots or LaCrosse.

    You can buy them in a shorter or regular knee height.

    The list goes on, but those are the main benefits...
    This boot is specifically designed for the rigors of everyday use in the dairy industry and really aren’t marketed or sold outside of that industry! This is why many outdoorsmen have never heard of them. A camo version of this boot has been developed, but I don't think they are available in the states yet.
    I bought 3 pair and have fallen in love!
    Here is a picture of the inside of one of my Alpha Burly sports. You can clearly see that my heels have worn through the fleece liner and now rub directly on the rubber. These boots are now pretty much shot. I can't even count the number of socks I have ruined because the exposed rubber on these boots wear holes in my socks and make blisters on my heels!
    Here is a picture of my Quatro boots. There is a nice neoprene heel liner that will surely last much longer and is very comfortable!
    Speaking of comfort, here is a picture of the insole insert that is in the Quatro. I have it here compared to the LaCrosse insole insert. The Quatro insert has much better arch support and in general is much more comfortable than the LaCrosse and any other boot for that matter!
    As far as cost goes, I paid $115 but they were worth every penny IMO. LaCrosse and Muck boots are a little cheaper, but Quatro boots I feel are much superior. You get what you pay for... (except when you buy dream season boots those are just worthless garbage)!

    I don't know of any large retail stores that handle Quatro boots, but I ordered mine from a nice lady at Bag Man LLC.
    She is a retailer for Quatro and she was very helpful in helping me pick out the right size. FYI they run one size larger than your normal boots.
    If you wear size 9 LaCrosse or Muck boot, get an 8 Quatro.
    Hope this info helps and I hope someone else gets a pair and lets us know how you like them!
    Here is a link to the Bag Man LLC. website where you can order Quatro boots.
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    Nice, thanks for the recommendation.

  3. Quatro

    Hi Great images and everything here, I have been sent a pair of these boots by someone I know as a gift. I've had them for over a year now and love them, I can't find a more comfortable boot, definately a well kept secret. They are amazing and I wanted if anyone on here could tell me if it was true that they have now released a Camo version into the US? Do you guys have them, and also where can I get these Quatro Camo's in Canada?

    Look Forward to hearing from some one,

  4. Check out the New Boots from Columbia Outerwear !! Super light, Very soft and flexible, waterprrof without the rubber so will not crack like Lacrosse, Ultra comfy !!! Got mine at gander Mountain just over a year and a half ago !! Absolutely love them !
  5. Hi thanks for the feed back, what is the name of these boots are they insulated like the Quatro's? It gets cold up here in Canada, does anyone have any idea where I can find them?