The buck that was...

Discussion in 'Deer Cam Pictures' started by kurtish, Nov 13, 2009.

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    the fuel for my unending pursuit this bowseason. I knew this buck well, I had seen him multiple times as a 2 1/2 and ran cameras on him last season as a 3 1/2. This year came and I had an intimate knowledge of where he bedded, which gave me hopes of taking him for a ride in the back of my truck:wink:. Unfortunately it never happened and he was killed by a co-worker of mine. I only ran the cam for a few weeks this year to establish that he was where I thought he was...I got a few pics of him but this one really takes the cake.
  2. Nice buck, too bad you weren't the one who took him down.

  3. Awesome buck. It sorta takes the wind out of your sails when you target a buck and another hunter takes him. Keep at it I am sure there are some other great bucks in your area.
  4. Nice picture. At least you know he was harvested and not left wondering, his genes Im sure are well planted in the area
  5. very nice buck. it's rough when someone else gets the one your after