The Bull Of The Woods

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    Scott Blumreich and his father typically fish every opening weekend together. A big group of friends get together and camp in Vernon County. The Blumreich's are from the Green Bay area. There is a friendly competition between the group. The person to catch the biggest trout of the weekend gets "The Bull Of The Woods" trophy. There is also a small trout trophy called "The Peckerwood."

    Scott and his dad went out early Saturday morning to a stream that I gave them a tip on. Scott and his dad accessed the holes and Scott let his dad have the choice of where he wanted to start. Dad went upstream and Scott took the second place.

    At the end of the morning Scott was certain he secured the trophy. Scott caught a 26/22/14 incher. Dad caught a fattie 16 incher. Both returned to the campgrounds and basked in their opening day glory. Winner of the trophy gets their name on the trophy and bragging rights for the year.