The Confrontation

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  1. The Confrontation
    By Michael Brooks

    Several years ago in South Central Wisconsin, on a cool crisp foggy afternoon in late October, I stood my ground with my unexpected intruder, eye to eye we stared at each other checking each other out. My opponent skilled in outdoor survival and very ready for a fight, a fight that I wanted no part of, and I was praying that it would never happen.

    My story begins on a Friday afternoon, as I slowly walked through the fog between the soybean field and the hardwoods, I noticed the brilliant fall colors that were being illuminated through the fog above me, the Orange, yellows, and reds were incredible, The smells of fall are in the leaves of the red and white oaks, and maple leaves, as they drop have a sweet smell. This is the best time of year for me, as I love hunting in Wisconsin, especially deer hunting.

    As I was backing out into a soybean field from the hard woods, I was looking at an old oak tree that might be a good place to put my tree stand. That’s when I noticed the dog barking off in the distance, uncontrollable barking, I was wondering what was going on, and never gave it a second thought. I finally decided where to put my tree stand, as I turned towards my jeep to retrieve my bow and climbing tree stand that’s when I heard the crashing of the standing soybeans behind me. I turned and looked to see what was causing all the noise, that’s when I confronted the largest buck, I have ever seen on the hoof, alive! We squared off at 10 yards in the open soybean field. This monster 12-point buck with broad shoulders and no neck started pawing the ground with his front right hoof. I stared in disbelief as Steam started blowing from his nostrils in the cold fog, as he glared at me and ready for a fight. I prayed and asked the Lord for help, I felt the Holy Spirit leading me to gently speak to the monster buck. As I spoke quietly we looked at each other for several minutes, then in triumph the buck raised his head and off he ran into the fog into the standing corn field 50 yards away. I stood there total silence and in my mind praised God that I was not going to be the front page of the local newspaper the following day.

    I wondered after this event, how are we to handle confrontation today? Do we square off ready for battle, do we use harsh words to defeat our foe! In proverbs chapter three, verse three, ”It is to a man’s honor to avoid strife, but every fool is quick to quarrel” are you quick to argue? Another verse that I am reminded is “ A soft answer turns away wrath” Its hard to keep quiet during a heated exchange of words, but to keep your war of words from escalating, stop and think about the words that you will be eventually asking forgiveness for! My question to you is it worth it? Just ask the Lord for His help during these times and see the difference that a soft answer will produce.

    By Michael Brooks