The End Of An Era

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    The End Of An Era


    The smile tells it all.

    My nephew Chase contacted me yesterday. He was quite upset. He went to buy his 2016 Trout Stamp and new Wisconsin fishing license and he was told he could not get it yet. The guy behind the counter gave him the new and improved trout regulations for this year and told him to familiarize himself with the new regulations. The clerk told him he might need to read them closely because many things had changed and the regulations were much more cumbersome.

    Chase read the regulations and immediately called me and asked me what I thought of the new regulations? I explained to him that the Trout Committee of the Conservation Congress and the WDNR had fashioned the regulations. Chase was perplexed. He told me all things he had read stated the trout population was at an all time high and the "good old days" were now. He quoted a Fish Manager he read in the Viroqua newspaper. He asked: "What gives?., Why mess with the regulations if they produced a record population?"