the ghost Game Warden 1957

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  1. the year 1957 I was 16 in and my brother was 18 going on 19. it was spring time, I think it was early June my brother and I were fishing at ford Lake near the dam in the rock piles for small mouth Bass. Fishing with us was a older man we had met while fishing there over the past few weeks, He was from the Philippines and new to this country, when I say older man in a 16 year olds mind a person 25 or 26 was old. He was new to bass fishing but he had nice rods and equipment. he didn't know what to fish with or how, we taught him how to catch crawfish under the rocks and how to rig them and now he was catching big smallies to. when we were catching crawfish under the rocks we would find fish hooks which we kept to use since we did not have a lot of money to buy store bought hooks, we used old nuts and washers for sinker's and when we couldn't find them we used rocks tied on that fell off about every other cast and was a pain. we didn't dress much better than our rods looked either. our hand me down pant's and shirts that were pretty worn and a couple of sizes to big looked pretty darn good to me at the time. now the reason I am talking about our clothes and fishing's rig's has a purpose.
    we were fishing for a couple hours with Chun (the philipino) just talking about fishing when Chun said in a low voice *you boys got your fishing license , I said I don't need one until I am 17, my brother said yea I got one. I wondered why he asked us that, he never did before. a few minute's or so later a voice behind me about 3 feet away said """hi fellas"" I darned near jumped in the lake it scared me so bad, Now this was about 11:00 AM, I turned and saw the biggest Game warden I have ever known, he looked like he was 8 feet tall, in reality he was 6-7 or 6-8 and med build, I was 6-3 and 145 pounds back then and he dwarfed me. I'm looking at him and my heart still racing from the scare he gave me and I'm thinking God this guy is big. the Game warden broke the silence asking us if we had fishing license's, Chun pulled his out and showed him, he looked at it and asked Mr chun a few questions in a low barely audible voice, Now I was expecting a booming voice like darth Vader to be coming from this giant man not this low polite voice. He turned to me and asked if I had a license?after I got my heart out of my throat from the scare I said no I am 16 and didn't need it yet, he asked my name and where I lived as we didn't carry I.D back then so I told him, he turned to my brother who I could see was shaking and asked if he had a License and my brother said no I don't need one I am 16, he asked him his name and where he lived, My brother told him, the Game warden smiled and said good luck fellas and walked away. I can't hardly remember my own name but I will never forget the Game wardens name, It was Carl Brushaber, not quite sure if the spelling is correct.
    when he asked us our names and they were the same last name and address and we were brothers that he knew after talking to us, I gave my age at 16 which I was and my brother gave his age at 16, we weren't twins, we didn't look any thing alike, Brushaber didn't ask our birth dates which he could have very easily but he didn't.
    I think he saw that we were pretty poor by our fishing gear and clothes and figured my brother couldn't pay a fine with out a real hard ship so he let him slide and just walked away.
    where we were fishing was pretty open, I for the life of me to this day couldn't figure out how such a big man could silently walk up on us, I saw him after this many times over the years, he didn't try to sneak up on any one but he did.
    we called him the ghost after this day. He left a lasting impression on me to this day by having compassion for my brother. I later went into Law enforcement my self and many people over the years benifited from Carl Brushabers treatment of us in 1957, in my work I let some go and I wanted to tell them about Carl and how he treated people but it would take to long so I just let them slide. I think Carl would approve where ever he is.