The Hike

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    The Hike


    Just two falls ago my wife took up hiking. Her knees were bothering her from bicycling a little too much but she still wanted to get "out there." We had driven by a sign south of town many times. It said Ash Creek Community Forrest. She planned to go hiking there in the near future.

    Barb likes planning things and preparing for her adventures. This adventure was not going to be spur of the moment thing. Boots needed to be researched and so did walking staffs. Tick repellent and the proper hats for the seasons were purchased. A nice pair of light weight waterproof hiking boots was laced up and she was ready.

    I went on her first expedition. The fall colors were breathtaking on this day and both Barb and I enjoyed the hike immensely. I tired quickly because of my knees and went back to the car to wait for her. I got a little nervous because she was gone so long and night was approaching quickly. Two hours later she came back to the vehicle.