The Man With No Brain: Part Three:Part B

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    Across the distance our eyes met, mine and the thing on the horse. With a smile that sent chills down my spine, he raised his own sword, black and ragged and with a downward sweep- they were upon us again.
    “Slack, it’s the Man with No Brain- it’s him on that horse.” We have to get him Slack, if we do nothing else, we have to get him.”
    I have never seen the like –even in my worst nightmares. They flowed over the hill, an unending mass, a sea of evil, howling, gibbering, laughing, and mouthing their foulness. As they reached us yet again, I turned to Slack and said, “I’m sorry I got you into this, my friend.”
    He looked over at me and smiled and said, “Let’s show ‘em Leep, lets show them how a man can die, and yelled at the top of his lungs, “Men Of God.”
    This time the oath barely slowed them, they were getting their strength from the Man with No Brain.
    We fought valiantly, slaying the filth left and right.
    But, we were getting our share also.
    I looked at Slack and saw him bleeding from a dozen wounds.
    I glanced at myself and saw I was almost as bad. The blood flowing was making it hard to hold on to our weapons. We had the creatures lying about us in such numbers that the others had to clamber over their fallen brethren to get to us. They created a bulwark.
    This helped, in no small way, to keep us alive and going.
    Looking up, after an all too brief respite, we saw a vision that stopped us cold.
    Before, where there were hundreds, perhaps thousands, there were now more than we could count, more than we could comprehend.
    I took Slack’s arm and said. “Hold on, my friend, no matter what happens, don’t let them separate us, we still have a chance.
    Slack grabbed my arm, with a strong, firm grip, in spite of the good, clean blood flowing down both of them.
    “Dang, Leep, looks like we aren’t going to get to go to Disneyland after all, huh?”
    I looked incredulously at him for a second, then broke into uproarious laughter,’ A man after my own heart,” I bellowed. “Course, you’re gonna have to get in line.
    With that, we turned to face what was coming, for what we knew to be the final time.
    In seconds they were upon us yet again.
    But, we were tired, so very tired.
    Though we slew them in countless numbers, we were sustaining wounds that would soon have us at their mercy.
    Again they slowed, and then stopped, to relish their soon to be found victory I realized.
    “See you in the next life, Slack.” “We’ll send as many as we can back to Hades before we fall.”
    “There will be weeping and wailing and the gnashing of teeth tonight,” He smiled.
    Then, as they drew up in anticipation of our destruction, something incredible happened. They charged towards us as one, intent only on rending us and devouring our bodies.
    Just as they were upon us, the sky lightened, thunder roared, lightning flashed all about us.
    The air behind us shimmered and light and time moved as one.
    As we watched in dumbfounded wonder, the air split with a great cracking, rending sound, the very fabric of time and space was torn asunder, and before our astonished eyes, an army of skeletons, screaming defiance, charged into and onto the field of battle.
    They were wielding an amazing array of battlement, maces, swords, spears, and longbows, crossbows, all glowing with the same blue fire of our bloodstained and now dulled blades.
    As they swarmed towards and past us, one turned and yelled, “Stand firm, you two, we’ll have at them, you’ve done your part, now let us do ours.”
    “Tommy,” I whispered, scarcely believing my eyes.

    Slack stood and watched, unbelieving at this spectacle
    With a clash that still brings tears to my eyes in quiet moments, the two sides met thunderously on the field of battle.
    Good versus evil, it has always been such.

    Slack and I sat wearily down on the knoll overlooking the valley and watched a battle the likes of which has never before been seen and will never again be witnessed by mortal man.
    Even so, for that short time, that hour of battle we had engaged in, were we not more than mortal?
    Surely, we had divine help and guidance
    After all we had experienced, what followed next was almost anti-climactic.
    They stood as one as our army met theirs. However, theirs was a fight in vain.
    Our friends smashed them into the good earth, wherever they met them. Here and there, one of ours went down, but whenever one did, the furious cries of the assailing army sent five, a dozen to avenge his death.
    It was a bloody, but glorious sight, especially in the light that streamed down from the clouds, illuminating the battlefield.
    In what seemed like hours, but was more like minutes, scarcely more time than it took to relate these words,…. it was over.
    The last we saw of the Man with No Brain, he was fleeing for his very life whipping his steed ferociously, blood flowing down its pure white mane, as he disappeared over the brow of the hill, and out of our lives, I prayed.

    As we stood, stunned by the carnage, the swords that we still held in our fevered grasps suddenly paled, and grew translucent, shimmered slightly, and then disappeared completely, along with the armor..
    I would miss them..
    Looking about, we watched the valiant ones walking wearily towards us.
    A slow, silver rain was now falling, whispering as it fell. Whenever it chanced to fall on one of the vanquished, the black dead, they sizzled for a moment, and then slowly melted into the good earth.
    When they were all but memories, flowers suddenly sprouted in their places, red, yellow, blue, as far as the eye could see.
    A brilliant rainbow appeared on the far horizon, adding to the awe-inspiring moment. A sweet scent filled the air about us and we stood as one to meet our friends.
    Tommy walked up to us both and with a wide smile, embraced me in his bony grasp. “Some fight, huh Leep?”
    Looking more closely at Slack, he asked, “Who’s your comrade at arms Leep?”
    “Tommy, meet Slack.”
    With a flourish and a bow worthy of any swashbuckler, Slack stepped up to Tommy, grasped his bony appendage in his good right arm, and said, “A pleasure Tommy, a real pleasure.”
    “Talk about the Calvary getting here in just the nick of time”
    Hearing a shout, we looked up on the hill and saw Frankie, ever present pipe in the corner of his mouth, smoke trailing merrily behind. He had a chair and notepad in his lap, furiously writing, getting it all down on paper whilst it was still fresh upon his mind, I surmised.
    Where’s Charles, Tommy?”
    Tommy looked at me with sadness pouring out of what were once eyes and pointed down the hill to the plain filled with flowers. “He’s down there Leep, he’s down there.”
    With tears of my own now, I said, Ah Tommy, I’m sorry, truly sorry: does Frankie know?”
    “I’m going up to tell him now, Leep---- I really hate this.”
    We watched as Tommy walked up the hill and stood before Frankie. He arose suddenly and embraced Tommy, and even at this distance, I could see his shoulders shake as he wept.
    Suddenly, with little fanfare and less notice, that wonderful army of warriors turned and marched towards the top of the hill, and kept right on marching out of sight and back to whence they had come, to save us.
    ]Frankie waved sadly at us and followed them.
    Tommy stopped at the entrance to his world and yelled down the hill at us. “Leep, Slack, he’s weakened now, you have to find him and finish it.” “Or, he’ll find you, he has to.”
    “When this is finally over, you and Slack come over and stay with us for awhile.”
    We stood shoulder to shoulder, and as one, lifted our hands in farewell. Then, he too was gone.
    The air shimmered slightly as they passed from our world to theirs,… than all was quiet once again.
    We stood and looked over what was the site of the most ferocious and merciless battle ever waged against evil, no quarter asked or given.
    After a minute, silently thinking our thoughts, we turned and walked back the way we came, weariness settling over us like a shroud.
    Shortly, we were once again back in the confines of the city. “What now, Leep, where do we go from here?”
    “I have an idea, Slack- let’s meet here tomorrow morning and I’ll tell you how we’ll end this.”
    With a smile, he turned and walked slowly away, towards home, I guessed. “What a story this would make,” I yelled after him.
    He slowly turned towards me and answered, “But who could we ever tell it to Leep,… who.”
    With that, we both turned away and walked towards our respective destinations. “Who indeed,” I mused, “Who…. indeed.”

    The next morning dawned cool and clear- and I saw Slack walking slowly, steadily towards me. As he approached, I said, “I’d like you to meet Jimmy.” Taking in his disreputable appearance, he nonetheless walked straight to him and said, “It’s a pleasure Jimmy, a pleasure.
    “The pleasure is all mine, Slack, all mine.”
    “You know me?”
    “I know of you, Slack, and I was sure you and Leep would meet, it was written.”
    Shaking his head, Slack sat down beside me and Jimmy, and looked questionably my way.
    “All right, here’s the plan.”
    “Jimmy, you stay right here, it’s expected of you, and you are always here.”
    He nodded once, looking at me and then to Slack.
    “Slack, you hit the alley behind you and stay out of sight till I call you, then come as fast as you can.”
    Slack nodded his understanding, strode quickly to the alley entrance, and disappeared within.
    “Jimmy, have you seen Doc?”
    “He’s around Leep, he’ll be here when I call.”
    “Ok then; I know my place.”
    I walked over to the dreaded grate and sat down gingerly upon it.
    A light flared briefly down in its depths, then died.
    Time passed slowly, but I was confident he would come, and suddenly, without warning, he did.
    He walked slowly up to me, glancing around, peering up the blackness leading into the alley, suspicious even then.
    He looked briefly at Jimmy, who was studying the way his toes wiggled at the ends of his battered shoes, and then just as quickly dismissed him.
    “I knew I would find you here,” he growled.
    “So you did,” I smiled.
    “Your friends aren’t here to save you now, it’s just you and me, and you aren’t enough, not nearly enough”. He laughed triumphantly.
    “Have a seat brain man, I laughed, I won’t hurt you.”
    “I’ll play your silly game,” he answered, and settled down beside me.

    “I could have had it all; he grated, if it hadn’t been for you and that kid.” “Where’d you find him anyway?”
    “He could fight; I’ll give the little bastard that.”

    “Ah, he’s gone home to rest up- that took a lot out of him.”

    “Those damn skeletons, I never would have figured on them in a million years.” “I didn’t even know you knew about them.”
    “Well, you’ve botched things up royally for me, but now it’s your turn.”
    With that, he pulled a shiny automatic out from under his clothes and said, “See you in Hell, Leep, you’re gonna like it there.”
    He pointed it at me and when I just looked calmly at him, he wavered for a second and looked at me intently. “What, why aren’t you afraid, I’m going to kill you.”
    “No, Man With No Brain, we’re gonna kill you.”
    I raised my voice and yelled, “Slack, Jimmy, hurry, and still louder, I yelled Doc, Doc, it’s the man with one arm.”
    He looked over his shoulder in growing awareness, and as he did, I grabbed the gun with all that was in me.
    As we fought furiously over the weapon, Slack flew on the scene and grabbed one arm. Jimmy scrabbled over on all fours and grabbed his leg. I was thrown off suddenly, reaching out desperately, and latched onto his other leg.
    From nowhere Doc came roaring onto the scene, maddened by the thought he would suddenly reap revenge on the one who killed his wife and doomed him to this miserable existence.
    He made a flying leap and captured the last free arm, and we held him tightly, as if our lives depended on the sincerity of our grasps, and perhaps they did.
    He thrashed and roared his hatred and defiance at us, furious that he had been tricked in this manner.
    Jimmy cried, “I can’t hold him Leep, he’s too strong.”
    “Just a minute more, Jimmy, hang on, hang on.”
    We had him spread-eagled on the grate, and suddenly he stopped struggling and cocking his head, listened intently.
    We tightened our grips and listened too.
    Soon, we heard voices, and then the old familiar odor began seeping out of the holes.
    An evil light crawled out of the grate and gave everything a ghastly, ghostly appearance.
    He cocked his head again and then began screaming, “No, No- let me go, let me go, damn you all to hell.”
    We held on grimly, determined, stronger now somehow.
    Then, black tendrils flowed out and up, encircling him from head to toe.
    He stopped suddenly, eyes bulging from his head, then screaming, “No, not this, not now.”
    The tendrils then became ethereal claws, sinking into his body, pulling, grasping.
    As they slowly drew him into the depths, we rolled off and watched in horror. He was slowly being pulled thru the squares in the grating, and it was horrible to see.
    With a last beseeching look in our direction, he was gone. His screams echoed in our ears, and I am sure in our memories, for what seemed a lifetime.
    The fire slowly died out in the depths along with the muttering and laughter. We all looked shakily about us, eyes going suddenly to Doc as he stood clutching an artificial arm. In a shaky voice he stammered, “It was him, it really was him.”
    We all stared in mutual horror and disgust as Doc suddenly threw it from him and it landed on the grate, to slowly dissolve and disappear as had the Man With No Brain minutes before.

    Finally, it was over no more nightmares, no more Man with No Brain……..

    My friends are gone now:
    Doc: Last I heard, he was with Tommy and friends.
    They needed a good doctor and he was again one. I guess he is happier than he has been for a long time.
    Funny thing, Frankie introduced him to Charlie’s sister. She holds a remarkable likeness to his wife.
    Doc is taking it slow, but they seem to have hit it off.
    Jimmy is there too.
    He lives with Frankie.
    He has shown a great talent when it comes to writing; Frankie is duly impressed and likes him tremendously. He’s taken him under his arm- so to speak.
    Makes up somewhat for the loss of Charlie, somewhat, I imagine.
    Slack:? ………. He has taken Tommy’s advice and is enjoying some well-deserved R & R over there.
    I drop in to see them from time to time, he seems happy, and in awe of all that is there.
    You can’t blame him, really: I still am.
    I miss him and the rest a great deal, but I am not ready yet:
    Too much has happened, too quickly.

    I walked slowly towards my home.
    Home, I grimace.
    I am usually not a bitter person, but I cannot help myself.
    Tommy and Frankie tell me she will never come back…., can never come back.
    I miss her and do not understand why this is so. I suspect that The Man With No Brain or one of his minions have taken her and done away with my love.
    Try as they might, they cannot give me an explanation I can accept.
    Oh, well.
    As I draw closer to the house, a sense of sadness and desolation sweeps over me.
    I sense movement in the darkness, stop and wait patiently.
    My old friend, my shadow, slinks into view, looking hopefully up at me. “C’mere,” I say.
    Lighting up like a x-mas bulb, he flies to my side and takes up his old place in my life.
    The silence hits me between the eyes as I open the door and walk into the emptiness that once housed my entire existence. Silently moving from room to room, noting that all sign of her has been erased.
    Sighing quietly, I sit on the couch and for a moment, I swear I can smell the perfume she used to wear.
    I’m not even aware of the tears till I feel them hotly dripping onto my hands.
    Angrily wiping them away, I sit back in the darkness and inform my shadowy friend, this is the way it is and probably the way it will be for a long, long time.
    He takes the news with remarkably well, only giving one forlorn shake of his darkened brow. .
    I smile sadly.
    I could go over with the knowledge that she is there,… or almost there.
    However, like Doc, I am not ready.
    I suspect, I will not be for some time, perhaps never.
    True love has some measure,… it must.
    Time will tell, as it always does.
    I walk into the bedroom and turn on the lamp- on her side, undress and hug her pillow tight.
    I can smell her there, however faintly.
    I cling fiercely to both the pillow and her memory.
    It is not enough. God knows it isn’t.
    Nevertheless, it is all I have.
    Goodnight my love, my friends- I will see you again,…. Someday.
    Leep Out: