The new family

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    Introducing the new litter! All went well and we should have some good bird dawgs in a few months:wink:
  2. Congrats on the new family

  3. Nice looking litter of puppies! Goodluck with them.

  4. Thanks !!


    I went to see the Klassen litter this weekend, I belive you have a sister to that pups. That was a bitch from Gary's "A" litter. She had a nice litter of 7 pups. They should be going home soon.

    Gotta love pups!!
  5. Do you think any bitch will ever beat Ida's 2 litters of 11 pups each?:bouncy:
  6. Courneya in Mn had a litter of 14 !! that is a litter.

    Masie had a solid 10 on her first litter that is a nice size.