the rock monster and my sisters 1948

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  1. in about 1947 or 1948 My Dad was going to take all of us kids to Barton dam to fish.
    This was always exciting getting to go fishing at Barton Dam in Ann Arbor on the Huron river. He would always tell us the day before and me and my brother would dig worms and while we were digging we would talk about the monster rock bass we would catch the next day.
    I couldn't hardly sleep all night thinking about going, I was about 6 or 7, I would guess 7, My brother was 3 years older about 10 then 3 sisters older than us, 12 ,14.16. we would take a half hour getting in the old panel van, I would be mad at my sisters since they were the ones that took so long wasting are valuable fishing time poking around like girls do.
    Finally we would be on the way, Arriving we would bail out with me and my brother racing to see who would claim the best rock crevasses to fish, we went under a Via dock along the river on a full run all the time my dad would be hollowering for us to come back, we just pretended we never heard him, better to take a chance on a whipping than to loose the best fishing spots especially to a girl and worse a sister.
    We would wait for him and the sisters to get there which seemed like forever, I never could figure out why he wanted to bring those darn girls any way, they couldn't even bait their own hooks because the worms were squirmy.
    finally we got to the serious business with our hand lines dunking worms between the huge boulders all the while chuckling how we out smarted the sisters by getting there first and claiming the best holes. The girls were about 10 feet away all bent over intently starring at the water between the boulders. they looked pathetic, they didn't know the first thing about fishing, all 3 had their lines in the same hole between the rocks and they were hunkered down in a little circle staring at the water, like right, if they caught a fish it would be a miracle or a suicidal rock bass.
    My dad was off about 50 feet away fishing in the water at the bottom of the dam, we were catching some rock bass and the 3 stooge sisters even caught some by dumb luck.
    For those who don't know this place below Barton dam, they piled huge boulders on the shore line to keep the bank from washing away, this is where we fished between the rocks, you had to be careful walking around on these rocks that jutted out it every angle, if you wasn't careful you could twist a ankle or break a leg, Keep this in mind.
    Well some time went by and we caught some monster rock bass about 5 to 6 inches long. And then it happened, My brother hooked some thing that was hard to pull out, after a little tussle he lifted out the rock monster, He turned and looked at the 3 sisters huddled around their fishing spot and I knew what he was going to do next with out being told, he walked over to them picking his way thru the rocks so he wouldn't fall holding the rock monster in his right hand, they didn't hear him come, he reached his hand out between them and said look what I caught!!, as if they were one all six eyes looked at the rock monster in unison, I can still pitcher 6 eyes getting huge and sorta looking like deer eyes caught in the head lights of a car and just like a deer their eye's were locked wide open and a second or so later it was one loud blood curdling scream and all three took off away from the rock monster. the best way to describe this run would be to imagine the Olympics hundred yard track with the women running on it next to this rock pile with my sisters running on the rocks, they never missed a beat, all 3 running like they were a drill team at a dead heat, the women running on the Olympian track would have lost the race, I to this day think they ran thru the air never touching the rocks. well I was laughing my rear off, tears coming out of my eyes, that didn't last to long though, at the sound of the scream my Dad turned and saw the girls running and then looking at my brother waving the rock monster with the fishing line still attached and putting 2 and 2 together covered that 50 feet faster than a NFL running back, my brother saw him about half way to him when he started running, to late, my brother got about 20 feet and my Dad lifted him up by grabbing his shirt collar and in the same motion whacking him on his butt with his other hand, during this whipping my brother lost his grip on the rock monster and it fell between the rocks to be free again to terrorize some one else at some later date, I don't think my brother cared by this time if he lost the rock monster, he was to busy saying he was sorry Daddy and trying to fend off the whacks on his butt. well I turned away like I didn't know any thing was going on in the world pretending to be fishing hard because if dad thought I had the slightest chance of being involved I was next, When Dad was through whipping my brother he looked my way, out of the corner of my eye I could see him looking at me, I just kept on pretending I was fishing and so I guess he thought I didn't have any thing to do with it and I didn't get whipped. the girls decided they just wanted to set on the grass away from the rock pile and not fish any more the rest of this trip.
    The Rock monster was a 12 inch long water salamander, ugly as sin but real useful if you have sisters.
    Steve Ypsi