The Three Bears

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  1. This cam location is about 70 yards from my bear bait. The bear came thru in order of size. The small one first and Big one last. Evidently the big one didn't like it's picture being taken as it knocked the camera around and stuck it's nose up to lens. The camera ended pointing to the ground when he got finished. I had at least 4 different bears at the Bear Bait.



  2. Nice pictures

    Makes me long to be back up north. I love fall but i hate the winter that follows. I wonder if we could change it and have summer follow fall instead.
    Good luck on the bruin. I may apply next year for a tag and see how long it takes me.

  3. Nice pics tom. The ground shots are cool. What defense do you use for those ground cams to keep from getting ate?
    I will scan a pic I have next month of a bear that walks by my cam (thirty five mm) then grabs the cam with his mouth (I have a pic of its teeth and his eye) and then him walking over the top of it showing his under side.
    I lost three camera'a that year.
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    nice pics.what will be using rifle or bow