Thieves Do Get Caught

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  1. In September of 2007 my son's Double Bull Blind was stolen from our Breezeway between house and garage, then in December of 2008 I had a brand new pair of hunting boots that were only wore a couple of times stolen out of the breezeway. I reported both thefts to the local Police Department. After the second theft I placed a IR Trailcam in hopes of catching the thief. Got lots of pics but no more thefts. Well right before Christmas I am watching the news and they are reporting about a Schwan's Delivery man being caught for stealing from his customers over a 3 county area. Sure enough it is the same guy that delivers to us. I call our Police Department and tell them that this guy had delivered to us the same week both times that we had stuff stolen. They go to the guy and confront him and at first he denies it but then gives them the Double Bull Blind and an old pair of boots. The blind was ours but the boots weren't mine. This guy over 4 years had stolen multiple guns , bows, blinds, trailcameras, power tools, money, jewelry, golf clubs, lawn ornaments, wildlife prints and other misc. hunting equipment. From what the Detective told me he only sold the jewelry and used the cash. The rest of the stuff he kept for himself. I probably won't get my boots back but he will have to make restitution that will take years to get. The sad part is the Police Department is having a hard time matching up the stolen items to the rightful owners. From what I was told the guy still might be doing it but he was making a delivery in a rural area. He went to make a delivery and noticed a deer rifle sitting in the corner of the door way and took it. What he didn't know was the hunter had just put it there from when he had got home from hunting so he could assist his wife with carrying in the groceries. He went to get the rifle after helping his wife it was gone. He gets in his vehicle and chases the Schwan Delivery guy down knowing he was the only other person there. The Schwan guy admits he has the rifle and gives it back. The guy calls police and they investigate, get a search warrant and find all kinds of stolen stuff. I guess it pays to file a Police Report when you have something stolen, once in a while you get your stuff back. This all took place in Wisconsin.
  2. Unreal! Glad they caught him!!

  3. Thats crazy! I can't believe what some people will do. Glad you got some of your stuff back!