This Stretch Delivers!

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    This is one of my favorite stretches. The undercuts and the oxbows are perfect habitat for huge browns. This is NOT a quantity stretch. It is not designated as trout water.

    Early Spring or late Spring it delivers.By the end of May the stream is nearly impassable because of weed growth. It warms up by the end of June and trout school up at the thermals.

    This stretch is not for beginners or poor casters. It can make a seasoned angler go home swearing to never return to this stretch again. This is a snag infested mess. No artificial lunker bunk nonsense here. Corners and structure are courtesy mother nature. A stout rod and line are required here or you will be sent home by a Leviathan with your tail between your legs.

    Thermals are where tiny springs or swamps empty in. Thermals are very important in cold and hot conditions because this is where the trout will school up.

    Thermals are easiest to find in middle Spring when the grass is still knocked down and the snow is gone. Thermals can be the difference in being skunked or going home with a trout of a lifetime.

    When it begins to cool down outside the stream cools down also. It gets good again by the middle of September.