This years kills !!!!

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  1. Two of the does I shot this year:

    20 yards out of groundblind.

    This one was at 40 yards. My son told me I hit tree after I shot at it. Yeah right !!!!!!

    This one is the doe my son shot the next morning after I got mine. My son and granddaughter are in the picture
  2. Those look like some tasty deer!:) Congrats!

  3. Need this thread moved.

  4. Thats what i call population control....:D Great deer and pics, congrats....
  5. nice deers

    nice deers good to see the kids arent all freaked out by dead deer. where i live people freak out at dead ones,lol and i just keep freakin them out,lol:lol:
  6. Cool pic's. Here is the 10 pointer my son (Rat Slayer) arrowed opening day in Grant county. We had been watching this one from a distance during the summer. I snuck Rat Slayer in to the bottom of the ridge where it looked like he would drop down. And I might add, for a young man shooting his 1st bow deer, he kept his cool pretty well and got excellnt self footage of his hunt He filmed the bucks drop off the ridge to his location, but the big boy stepped out of screen just before a lumenoc nocked arrow flys thru the screen. You here the crack of a solid hit and see some vines the deer runs into shake violently. The Rat Slayer was on the camera instantly after the shot following the 10 pointer out of sight. With the lack of a exit wound and a high hit, we waited to morning to track... Not much tracking though.. He was dead only about 40 yards from where the Rat lost sight of him. I hope this don't go to his head, his 1st gun kill, (S.E. Wisc. public marsh) the year before was featured on Whitetail addictions TV show, and featured in my Wisc. hunting DVD. [​IMG]



  7. Nice deer fellas!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!
  8. Nice buck he shot. I had limited time hunting this year. Had to take all my time off due to a brain aneurysm that I had to have taken care of. I had a couple of spikes and a goofy 5 point come in, let them walk though. Just fun to be in the woods and out hunting.
  9. congrat's on a good season!!