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  1. Anyone else finding alot of ticks in the woods this year? Was over in Ackely with the dog this morning and found 9 ticks so far.Other than the ticks I did find a 4 point shed that was in pretty good shape yet.
  2. Tons of Tics. I was over by Leathercamp Friday afternoon turkey hunting and on the way home to Merrill I picked ticks off all the way. Thinking about getting some Guiney Fowl to clean them up from around the house as they eat Ticks like crazy. But then that creates a new problem ;)

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    Just great!... I hate ticks.
  4. Steve

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    You would think wild turkeys would take care of their share of those nasty critters as well.
  5. Was just a little south of Ackley and had 5 of them on me. Let's hope it drys up and gets hot so those little buggers disappear.
  6. You'll hate them even more if you get lyme disease like I did two summers ago.Picked off 11 of the friendly critters after this mornings outing.