Timber sale at Mirror Lake State Park

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    BARABOO, Wis. - Visitors to Mirror Lake State Park will notice loggers working in the park this fall and winter. The loggers will be selectively thinning a variety of hardwoods and pine in a block of land east of Hastings road and south of Fern Dell Road. Additionally they will be cutting some stands of aspen to improve regeneration in that same area.

    "While visitors will notice a short term change in that block of land, this harvest will greatly improve the overall health of the forest by creating more open area for young oaks and other healthy trees to grow," said Park Superintendent Ryder Will.

    The harvest will also increase the overall health of the stand by removing a number of dead and diseased trees. In addition to general selective thinning and timber stand improvement the loggers will also be removing stands of oak that have fallen victim to oak wilt. These oaks, along with a large number of other trees damaged by a severe storm in late 2014 will be harvested.

    The Mirror Lake State Park Master Plan which was approved in 2003 identifies timber harvest and thinning as appropriate methods to improve the ecological integrity and diversity of the park. "This timber harvest will help to increase the health and vigor of the forest. Additionally we will see benefits for wildlife and the overall forest ecology," Will said.

    The scope of the project encompasses 160 acres from a tract within the 2,200 acre park property. A variety of species will be harvested as planned by local DNR Forestry staff. Logging activities will continue through the winter season taking advantage of frozen ground conditions. Equipment operation will likely close the Hasting Trail for at least a large portion of the winter. Even during periods that trail is closed the park will still offer over 16 miles of groomed ski trails. No logging activities will occur during the nine-day gun deer hunting season.

    For more information about the park, search the Department of Natural Resources website, dnr.wi.gov, for keywords "Mirror Lake."

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