Time to get back into it!

Discussion in 'Archery Tech' started by Justjosh, Aug 13, 2010.

  1. Alright, so it seems my rifle season is going to be non existent this year and I will have more time in the fall. I would like to get back into bow hunting. (Haven't bow hunted in 10+ years)

    Looking for some advice to where to even begin as far as choosing bows!

    Hybrid cam seems to be the "in" thing, and those bowtechs look fantastic, but should I really plop down that kind of cash before learning what I like these days?

    Tons of bows on craigslist and the like. Just looking for some advice to guide me in the right direction. Treat this like you would a first timer, and give me some advice on what you think I should be looking at as far as gear.

    Thanks fellas
  2. Go to a good Bow shop and try some bows out. Get the bow that feels right when you shoot it.

  3. Try Lena Swamp Archery on HWY 22 just east of Oconto Falls. Wade is a great guy and doesn't push a certain brand. Very helpful also. They have alot of bows, different brands, and i think Wade has been setting up bows for over thirty some years now. I bought my bow new from him about six years ago and we just bought my wife a new Bear Ultralight from them. He got in a couple different bows and brands for her to try and she picked the Bear basically because it felt good in her hand which is a big deal. I would say from when we walked in and started trying different bows to when she was done shooting her new bow with a very impressive grouping was maybe three hours at the most.
  4. if you havent bow hunted in ten years i would reccommend getting a good used bow that does not cost an arm and a leg so you can see if you still like it. if you spend a fortune on a bow and do not like it now you are out alot of cash.