To help prevent oak wilt, Tomahawk area residents advised not to prune oak trees betw

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  1. DNR Northwest Region - TOMAHAWK - To protect oak trees, and help prevent oak wilt, the Department of Natural Resources advises area residents with oak trees on their property not to prune them from April through July.

  2. about 6 years ago My yard got oak wilt---2 & 1/2 acres--21 red oak trees along with some white oak-----lost all red oak in 5 years---had proffessionals come to look over---many stories abourt oak wilt----Bugs take it from 1 tree to another---spreads from roots to roots---was told one person spent a ton of money having trenches dug to stop the oak wilt on his property only worked for a couple years then all the rest of the trees died, I now believe once an area has it its too late----must clear cut a wide swathe across the state to hopefully stop the spread, Clark and jackson counties have been cutting as much red oak as they can find to make $ before they die and stop the spread---forests look like hell now, either clear cut or as thick as a porcupines back tough hunting also H H

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    This is not good. The forest my me is totally dominated by red and white oak.