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    Last year while trout fishing i caught a couple smallies on typical trout water.

    They sure do fight hard. It almost seems like their tails are on fire.

    The smallies i caught on my trout streams were caught on size 9 panther martins.

    They are the first 2 photos in this thread.


    Have not caught any this year on my trout streams yet.

    I went to my mother’s today for my Wednesday morning visit. My mom is 84.

    After our chat I went down to the dam in Gays Mills on the Kickapoo River

    This smallie made the other ones look like panty waists.


    It skied and did a couple power runs. It hit on a size 13 jointed brown rapala.

    This smallie was almost taken by me but I had second thoughts.

    I remember my youth and trying to prepare smallies a couple times and being disappointed
    in the taste. This big old smallie is back at its home at the dam in Gays Mills.