TRAPPERS: Animal Fleshing / Skinning... help?

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  1. I've been able to gain permission to trap a co-workers private land. I would like to utilize this opportunity to hone and practice my trapping skills. My main issue is that my wife and I are currently in a very small studio apartment as we just recently got married last month and are saving for a home of our own. I really do not have the space nor the necessary equipment to skin/flesh my catches. And that's where you come in. :biggrin:

    I am wondering if there is anyone trapping within Winnebago County who would be willing to assist me with my catches? i.e., skinning, fleshing, etc, etc. Basically, I'd need assistance in getting the animal skinned. I'm fairly new to the sport of trapping and only recently graduated from the Wisconsin Correspondence Trappers Education Program (WCTEP) a couple of years ago. Since then, I've not obtained the opportunity to do much trapping until now. Perhaps we could split the price fetched for the fur? Like I said, I'm extremely new to all of this and honestly don't have any idea what to expect. If I could get back some of the cash I've spent on traps, bait, lure, etc, etc. that would simply be a bonus for me. I'm more concerned with getting out in the field and getting some experience of my own. For now, I'm simply doing this for fun and to hone the skills that I learned as a WCTEP graduate.

    Is there anyone who might be willing to assist a newcomer like myself?
  2. Helper

    My name is Tyler and I would be willing to help out. First of all, i need to what you are trapping before I can help out. I am available for helping out with large mammals and small as well. I currently hunt coyotes and good at taking care of the pelts. I currently just did my deer pelt last year and came out as well as taxidermy work. The only problem with the help is that I live in rock county. I have the tools and everything you need here but you can reach me at [email protected]. Just let me know if I can assist you with any of your needs

    Thank you,
    Tyler Walker

    P.S. If you don't know what you're doing, do not attempt. That's a big NO :tsk:

  3. Tyler:

    Thanks for the reply!

    I actually did find someone locally assisting me with my skinning... but I appreciate you checking!