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  1. Kurtish,
    I've used Lodholz North Star Acres from Tomahawk, WI a couple of times for bare root stuff. A family member has also used Itasca Greenhouse out of Cohasset, MN for plugs (you can plant them at other times besides Spring)

    I get the BlueX 4 fters from the turkey club for a $1/each but will need to extend or move them up higher as they are a little short. Have also ordered from the National Wild Turkey Federation. They have stuff on their website under landowner habitat improvements area. They are a bit pricey, but you don't have to stake them the entire length like the BlueX which can fold over in a good wind. They sell 'em in units of 25 and would get at least the 60" and vented. About $3/each and another $6-7 dollars for shipping. These aren't cheap, but are actually cheaper to order here than from the manufacturer's own site.
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  2. Ok, going to add from my last post. After this weekend, I've found that even with the better tubes you need to stake pretty high if we have a repeat of the weather we've just had and after the trees start to grow out the top and catch more wind. I just wired some 2 ft extenders for the sturdy T-posts I already recycled from an old fence line.

    That being said, sure looks like things are still behind. Most of the hawthorn still had flowers. My place is just south of Hwy 29 in Shawano county. Looks like a good year for apples though. Found 'em just starting to form from all the blossoms from a couple of weeks ago.

  3. The red pine are usually left alone by the deer but the whites dont make it sometimes. Ive planted a few thousand trees from the state nursery. In 2001 we planted 2500 and another thousand in 2003. Since then I only buy the packets that are available. They come in 300 per pack and are more freindly than the 1-3K the other way. Maybe Im just getting older or lazy but the joy you guys get from spending a weekend planting is not felt by me. Watching them grow is nice but I have way too much work in food plots and woodland maint. to get excited about planting LOL.
    I have never planted for quantity, but more toward quality. Take the time to get the air out if you have heavy hard soil. Sandy stuff may be different but in my area if there are pockets that the roots can dry out in, the tree wont make it. I have had great luck with a good percent surviving. I pick my tree up April 28th this month.
    BTW.. any of you want to have some more fun , come on over that weekend. I cook a great steak:biggrin:
  4. Kurtish (or anyone else)
    I am man enough to admit I can be pretty stupid at times. I have planted and ordered tree's for 8 yrs or more. 2 times ordering bulk and most other times just a thousand a year. Here is my question. I read you ordered 1000 trees in a qty of 400 400 and 200. I had always read the form and wondered if I was reading it wrong. I was under the impresion that yuou had to order 1000 trees of the same specie and then after that you could order by the 100 (of the same variety) Have I been a dumb ass most of my life? Can I order tree's by the 100 count, as long as they ADD UP TOO 1000? I would love to order 3-4 hundred hardwoods with 600 pine and maybe some tamerac etc but always thought I had to order them by the thousand? Thanks for any beatingsI deserve that you go easy on me with?
  5. brokenarrow,

    You can order a packet from WDNR and specify the species you want for under 1000 trees. Also you can mix and match all you want up to the as long as you have 1000.
  6. How have you guys been doing for rain, we have not had any in Waukeha County since Memorial Day. I will start a new food plot this week, hoping we get some rain on it right after planting.