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  1. Rancid Crabtree is authoring a bill to go before the state legislature that would allow Tree Stands to be placed out on September 10th – December 31st on State land and not have to be removed daily.

    As written the bill would allow each hunter to place up to 4 tree stands. This is not a good idea as it gives ownership to public land when the hunter places his stands. The potential for conflict while armed is also a great possibility arguing over hunting spots.

    Please take the time to contact your state legislators and ask them to oppose this bill when it comes before them for a vote. If you hunt public land you know the issues this will create.



    Here is a link to where I found this and the Preliminary Draft of the Bill
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  2. Steve

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    I disagree that it necessarily leads to "ownership" of public land if the law is written such that, no matter who puts the treestand up, it is first come, first served when it comes to actually using it.

  3. I'm WBH member and I'm totally against this bill. This is going to cause nothing but trouble in the woods and further divide bowhunters, not good!
  4. Steve

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    Can you bait in WI? If so that is an even bigger contributor to feelings of ownership of state land.
  5. I have often said while on managed forest open to hunting, or on county land, "If you see a good place for deer hunting, look around, you will see a tree stand." I have not felt right about just hanging one next to it, or never would consider using the same tree. One person I know puts out 12 stands in the fall along the river bottoms of the Wisconsin River, access by boat, but still public land. That is a lot of area to some degree set up for him in advance, legal or not, and not everyone has a dozen stands to reserve a spot, and in my way of looking at it, the spot has a reserved sign on it, maybe only used once a season. I will not be a supporter of this bill.
  6. Steve

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    Yeah I can definitely see both sides of the argument. Some have even proposed allowing foot plotting on state/national lands.... talk about turf wars.
  7. I guess I don't understand why there is a need to leave your personal property in a public place. "Leave it like you found it, if not better." applies to public lands no matter if your returning in less than 24 hrs or longer than two weeks. This just opens the door for the guy who cuts your lock or chain and steals your property, why give him the oppourtunity! We have definitely gotten "lazy" due to strap on and climber tree stands. Do these people use draw locks on their bows also?!!?:confused:
  8. Yeah, if these hunters feel the need to camp out in the woods by hanging 4 tree stands claiming trees, why not charge them accordingly, just like they charge for campsites, nightly!
  9. Thats a great idea for creating additional revenue for the DNR! Sure, you can place up to three tree stands but you must purchase one stand permit per stand you place. Charge 100 bucks per stand for those who want to permanently reserve their hunting spot for the duration of the season.

    I'm not a supporter of putting stands on public ground and never have been. I don't know if I necessarily think hunters will end up shooting eachother over trees, but I hate the idea of someone staking a permanent claim on a section of good public hunting ground for him and his buddies for the entire duration of the hunting season because the law allows him to. Because that's exactly what will happen.

    And for those who would argue that you can put up a stand right next to them... Who would do that? What if they hunt the same time you do? I'm sure you can anticipate the problems you'd run into with two or more hunters in stands 25 feet away from eachother both gunning for the best trophy.

    It should be first come first serve. Just like duck hunting, if someone beats me to my favorite spot, I should have gotten out earlier and will have to go earlier tomorrow. Besides, that's why they make climber stands.
  10. Minnesota allows this (or used to, not sure if it's still allowed). It is nothing but trouble. There are fist fights over who "owns" the area!!

    I hope that WI does nopt allow this to happen.
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    This is no different than putting an ice fishing shanty on the lake.

    Can you leave your ice chanty on the lake in Wisconsin?
  12. kurtish

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    I don't feel that the ice shanty argument holds water in this fishing is limited to what is directly below your hole, and the fish don't smell the guy in the shanty next to you. Hunting next to someone else is a whole different story. If you're too lazy to carry in/out your stand you should hunt from the ground.
  13. It comes back to respect. Most hunters still have some ethics and respect other hunters space. If your beat to a spot move over. This system we have has worked fine for a long time.
    No more rules, no more permits, no more fee's, just leave the darn dog alone!
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    thanks for the heads up. will do.
  15. This is asking for trouble!! I am torn on it though. On o side I would love to be able to leave a few stands out there. In most of the areas I hunt this would not be a problem as it is low pressure.

    In those areas of high pressure. Well it is going to cause a lot of problems. There will be fights! There will be theft! Yes, there will also be bodily harm to some.

    Although this could be a great thing. I believe the cons outweigh the pros. It will set a bad example to our youth, and taint the image of hunters further.

    I have a hard time voting for something that has the potential to do more harm than good to our sport. This could really blow up in our faces.

    Just my 2 cents,