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  1. Treestands

    I would support this Bill but some modifications are needed. I would allow one or two stands to be left on public land with proper ID including a phone number. I would also add that the stand be actively used. Actively would mean that the user is active on this stand within 48 hours. So someone could not sit at their desk in Madison and have a stand in Jackson Co. While enforcement may be difficult most hunters would comply. It would also be a safety issue. A large percentage of Treestand accidents occur during set up and take down. This activity would probably take place in darkness to make it even more dangerous. It may also enhance the success of the hunt if I wasn't in the woods putting up and taking down stands twice a day or more. I've hunted public land for over 40 years and have never had a conflict with other hunters. If I set up a stand and find out someone else is already in the area I simply make a move. We also make our camp in the woods with a couple cabin tents and trailers for the gun season. We understand that someone could camp right next to us and could be a cause of conflict. Yet this has never happened to us in the over 40 years of camping in the Jackson Co. Forest. If I was camped for a week of bowhunting I should be able to leave my stand in the woods until I leave. As I mentioned earlier 4 stands up for the entire season is excessive in my opinion. One or two stands that are active would receive my support.
  2. i don't see this ever becoming law. laws are written to limit and eliminate hunting, not help hunters ;). i believe that this would only cause problems such as arguements, fights, theft and maybe even worse. i would like to think we could all just get along if this was passed but i live in reality and know this isn't the case. but as i said, it'll never happen, they will ban tree stands before allowing hunters to put and leave tree stands on public ground

  3. Remember the killings in Rice Lake? There you had a Nut who used another hunters stand and it started off a tragic event. If a hunter sets up a stand and does all the scouting, clearing of brush (shooting lanes), it is a problem waiting to happen. In an ideal world, maybe, you could allow the hunters to leave their stands out, but we don't live in an ideal world. The state land is owned by everyone, so there will be problems. "OWNERSHIP"is going to be the result in some of the peoples minds, no matter what is intended.:irked:
  4. Right on brother! No comparison.:wink::smile:

  5. Now, this i agree with. Permit required.
  6. thinking too fast???

    When I 1st saw the title of this...tree stands on public land, I was elated! It's about time. Then I started reading the post and was amazed at the negative reactions, although some valid points. I hunted in Iowa, lived there a few years ago. They had a law that allowed stands for the season on public land. I had no problems and heard of none. Maybe the hunters in Iowa are a little more social and respectful!

    My take is this... I'm not 30 anymore. I have a few minor health issues. I have a groundblind, a couple climbers, and enjoy stillhunting(took a 157 P&Y stillhunting public land in Iowa). Hauling in and out the climbers each day is begining to be a task(God willing, someday you'll be at an age you still want to hunt but can't haul the stand in and out each day).

    This law needs everyones support, just like crossbows, muzzleloaders, and any other issues of the day! It's a good law to allow hunters to be able to hunt later in life!
  7. Deer Stands

    I do not want stands out there for the entire season but for the weekend or 72 hours would be nice. i only have one and it is not really back packable. Just sayin, i just don't want to have to get out there that early to set it and don't have the money for the nice portable climber type. At a minimum, let us set one in the evening so they get used to it being there. just my thoughts. And keep the fricken dog walkers and joggers off the damn trails during the hunting season, ruined more than one day of hunting for me personally. and if they are going to let them in there, wear fricking ORANGE!
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    Hauling stands out every day seems like a major pain. On the other side of the coin I think those who leave them out indefinitely on public land should be gone after.
  9. I agree, I wouldn’t want people to be able to put up stands and leave them all season long. I could see if they had a spot they were going to hunt for a weekend, and if they were really going to be in it during all available hunting hours.
    I have 3 women flying in to Wisconsin from out of state to go bowhunting in October. We’re hunting state land; I’ve commandeered ground blinds for them simply because they are unfamiliar with hang on tree stands. I’d love to be able to go out the night before and hang a stand for each of us so that we didn’t have to do it at 4:30 am in the dark in unfamiliar territory. And then leave them up until we leave 6 days later. There would be no “unattended” stand because as serious huntresses, we’ll be in them from sun up to sun down until we get our deer but it would be just too much to putz with to have to hang them and take them down 6 days in a row times 4.
    (Or rather, I would love to not have to help the other three girls and then end up in my stand by 8 am because I had to spend a bunch of time helping hang stands!)
    Has nothing to do with laziness, and it has nothing to do with the fact that they’re women. It has to do with the fact that they are unfamiliar with the stands. I want them to have a great experience not go home being frustrated because of stand issues. It’s not like you can just pull on some edges and they pop up in 20 seconds like a blind.

    On the other hand, how effed up would it be if I (alone by the way) spent all that time setting up stands, picked them up from the airport, got up that first morning only to find some guys occupying our stand cuz he got there at 4 instead of 4:30?
    So. I see both points. And as convenient it would be, I’d rather not have it.
    It would be nice to hang a stand on a Friday night, hunt Saturday and Sunday and not have to put it up and take it down a bunch of times.
    But it would be the guy that put a stand up on opening day, in the spot I’d chosen months before, that never even sat in it but because it was there and I wouldn’t want to infringe, that would ruin it for me.

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    What you want to do seems perfectly reasonable to me.
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    I'm not sure how you are carrying your ladder sections, but when I use mine, as I have several, they are all attached together via straps and bungees. Then I fashion up a long padded strap that goes over my shoulder. This way the weight is on my shoulder. Once I start to engage some brush, I can swing the section any way I want to help me maneuver the tight spots. It's comfortable if you make the strap right.

    If you are going to leave your ladders sections in the tree, but leave your stand hidden somewhere nearby, I suggest leaving it farther away than what you are thinking. Thieves are crafty and just may start looking around and find it. I once had a stand out, locked, but left the rebar in the ground where I had a decoy. I hid the decoy very well, but someone noticed the rebar in the ground and started to snoop around until they found my well hidden stand.

    And no, people don't walk around with bolt cutters in the woods. If they want to steal something bad enough, they'll just come back with the right tools and take it.