Trout Angling 101

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    Trout Angling 101

    Written by: Len Harris

    Most got our start trout fishing with a family member with an old Zebco 202 and a can of night crawlers.
    Those were the days. Getting up at the crack of dawn and heading out with your mom or dad trout fishing.
    The classic opening day of trout fishing was always the first saturday in May.

    Lots of times the beginning of May season meant April showers were still trying their best to bring May flowers and
    the streams were high and muddy. Those night crawler you picked up the night before were the TICKET for that willing trout.
    As a young pup, catching was very important to you. Your attention span was very short and you grew bored quickly if you
    were not immediately rewarded with a trout.

    Your preparation for the opener is simple. New mono on that Zebco . You go to the local store and get a pack of size 6 or 8 eagle claws.
    Also some split shots and a stringer to hold your days catch. While you are there get a disposable camera for the "First Trout Glory Shot".
    Now a days a good strong bug spray is a must . Make sure you spray lots around the ankle area to keep those ticks away. A cap and sun glasses
    are a must too. The cap for the ticks and the sun. The sun glasses to see in the water and to avoid hook in the eye mishaps.

    Yes there are other means of trout fishing. But....night crawlers are the hands down the best method to "hook" the beginning
    trout anglers. The pulse of a trout on the end of your line is indescribable . You add in some youthful excitement and that kid
    is hooked for life.


    There are many skills that are learned outdoors that can literally translate into "REAL" world skills. Patience is the one that comes to mind first. Here is Nora Swenson beginning her long road to becoming an avid angler. Nora is about the right age to begin the journey.